Why your PMO must be more than just an admin function

Why your PMO must be more than just an admin function


Why your PMO must be more than just an admin function

A PMO is considered by some to be nothing more than an administrative function. We believe that a PMO, limited in this way, can represent a wasted opportunity.

Most organisations have a PMO function in some form. It is generally accepted that if you want to deliver change consistently and efficiently, having a team in the centre that provides support to your projects is a must.

However, it is often the case that these teams get buried underneath burdensome admin tasks, that prevent them from adding the true value that they’re capable of.

A Head of PMO friend of mine recently told me, that whilst her responsibilities included critical things, like keeping investment and strategy fully aligned within her organisation, this activity often lost focus because of emphasis placed on other activities, like ordering the stationary, by her senior management team.

This is not only unfortunate for those working in the PMO with an ambition to do more. It is also bad for the organisations within which they exist – because fundamentally your PMO should, and really must do more.

Tell them that they just do admin, and they’ll just do admin
Firstly, you have to recognise that if you tell someone that they are not able to do anything more than low complexity, administrative tasks, that’s exactly what you’ll get from them. It self-perpetuates. The key is to decide what you want from your PMO and then give them the direction, space, and resources to give it to you.
Why they should do more
Delivering change to organisations, in general, costs money – compounded when it goes badly. And PMO teams, in any form, are an investment.

Importantly, PMOs hold a unique position within the organisation. If you think about it, beyond the CEO, there are not many people that have an impartial, cross functional, perspective on what is happening and what really should be happening.

Your PMO is in a great position to use this perspective to add significant value, by ensuring the right things are happening in the right way, relative to what the organisation is trying to achieve. Why not leverage this?
Why they must do more
An organisation’s ability to change, and change quickly, has never been more important. The new ‘norm’ is represented by businesses that begun selling records and are now going in to space. If you can’t adapt quickly, you’re on the endangered list.

Organisations now need a structured way to consistently deliver change with precision and agility. It is no longer acceptable for your organisation’s innovation to depend on a few talented individuals.

Where many transformation initiatives fail, is not in their ambition, but in their ability to stay focused. What most organisations fail to recognise is that they’re trying to hit a moving target. The world will not stand still, whilst you innovate.

Having a part of your organisation that has the job of maintaining the alignment between the organisations strategy and what it is actively working to achieve is key. A strategic PMO, that is impartial, empowered, and pragmatic, can perform this role with tremendous results.

You need your PMO to do more than administration, so why not let them.


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